Alcoholism and Family

SOBERLINK is a popular choice for individuals who need proof of their sobriety for their family or for child custody privileges. SOBERLINK makes alcohol monitoring more convenient and non-invasive compared to urine testing, an alcohol ankle bracelet, or a cumbersome in-home alcohol monitoring system.

How do I order SOBERLINK for child custody purposes?

We recommend using a SOBERLINK Authorized Service Provider for any alcohol monitoring that can be used in court as evidence. A Service Provider will rent the SOBERLINK device, perform the alcohol monitoring, and provide case management in any legal matters. Authorized Service Providers are established agencies with extensive experience in alcohol monitoring. To find an Authorized Service Provider, fill out the Contact Us form and SOBERLINK will get back to you with a Service Provider to fit your needs. If you are in Texas or Oklahoma, please call Recovery Healthcare at 214.819.1400 and they can assist you.

If I don’t want to use a Service Provider, can I order directly from SOBERLINK, Inc.?

SOBERLINK, Inc. does not offer alcohol monitoring or case management services so it’s important to consider if the test results could be used as evidence in court. If there are potential repercussions for a positive test, such as loss of visitation rights, SOBERLINK recommends using a third party Authorized Service Provider to assist in the alcohol monitoring and case management.

Can other people have access to my test results?

Yes, given this is agreed upon between the various parties, the Authorized Service Provider can give account access to other individuals and even set up restricted permissions to view results. This is a common request and SOBERLINK’s automated system is designed to be flexible and customizable to fit a variety of monitoring needs.  There are also automated reporting features on the Monitoring Web Portal that allow for daily, weekly, or monthly emailed reports to be sent to designated contacts.