Sobriety Monitoring For Families

Soberlink is a popular choice for individuals who need to prove sobriety to their family or for child custody privileges. Soberlink makes alcohol monitoring a more convenient and non-invasive process when compared to urine testing, ankle bracelets, or large in-home alcohol monitoring systems.

Soberlink and Child Custody

Soberlink is used to promote safer parenting time in child custody situations. Below are the three levels of service offered by Soberlink. 

Level 1: Voluntary Monitoring Agreement

A Voluntary Monitoring contract with Soberlink is an agreement that puts the controls in the Monitored Client’s hands and allows them to customize their own program (i.e. testing schedule and monitoring protocols for non-compliance). The easy-to-use Soberlink web portal will allow the Monitored Client to create their own testing schedule and set up people to be notified via email and/or text of non-compliance, such as a drinking event or missed tests. Voluntary monitoring cannot be used if there is a court order. This type of monitoring doesn’t carry as much weight when compared to using third party monitoring services.

  • A Voluntary Monitoring Agreement is signed, stating you choose to control all of the testing protocols
  • Soberlink will train the Monitored Client and other parties on how the system works and assist in technical support throughout the program

Level 2: Soberlink Family Law Monitoring

If a case is court ordered or considered high-risk, you are required to use Level 2 or Level 3 monitoring. The Concerned Party, with the help of a Soberlink account manager, will need to fill out an in-depth monitoring protocol detailing testing requirements and consequences for non-compliance.

  • The Protocol arrangements must be established and filled out by the Concerned Party and/or their representatives.
  • The Soberlink Protocol document must be signed by the Concerned Party
  • A Monitored Client Agreement must be signed by the Monitored Client (person being monitored) to ensure they understand and agree to the protocol outlined by the Concerned Party
  • Soberlink Account Managers will help with set up, facilitate schedule changes, help evaluate drinking events, and provide ongoing support while the device is in use

Please note: Soberlink does not make any decisions on behalf of the Concerned Party or Monitored Client in the event of non-compliance.

Level 3: Authorized Soberlink Provider Monitoring

We recommend using an Authorized Soberlink Provider if a case is court ordered, considered high-risk and requires clinical monitoring services. These providers have been certified by Soberlink, and have years of Family Law experience, including Certified Addiction Specialists and legal expertise.

  • Providers offer case management, reporting, clinical monitoring services, and support throughout the monitoring program
  • Supplemental urine testing is also available

Review the Terms of Use and decide which level of service best fits your situation. Regardless of the level of service, Soberlink will not activate a device until the required paperwork is read, understood, and filled out in full.