alcohol monitoring device

SOBERLINK Alcohol Monitoring Device

SOBERLINK offers a new approach to alcohol monitoring. Where the term alcohol monitoring is frequently associated with urine testing or an alcohol ankle bracelet; SOBERLINK is the first truly portable, convenient, and discreet alcohol monitoring solution. SOBERLINK has a proven track record in Criminal Justice and Addiction Treatment with a presence in all 50 states and Canada.

SOBERLINK Advantages:

•   Convenient, portable monitoring device
•   Completely automated
•   Real-time test results and alerts 


The portable alcohol monitoring device collects a deep-lung breath sample to measure Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC), while simultaneously taking a photo of the individual to confirm their identity. The breathalyzer wirelessly submits the test results to a cloud-based Monitoring Web Portal where instant alerts can be set up to notify contacts if there are signs of a relapse.

The cloud-based system is completely automated with user-friendly features that simplify the monitoring process for both the participant and the case manager.

Monitoring Web Portal Features:

•   Adaptive Facial Recognition™ (AFR™)
•   Tamper detection
•   Automated text reminders and real-time alerts
•   Customizable testing schedules
•   Automated reports — daily, weekly, monthly


Facial Recognition

•   Government grade facial recognition software
•   Reduces manual verification of client test photos
•   Compares client photo to a template of photos, not just one master photo
•   Adapts to subtle appearance changes
•   Seamless web portal integration

•   Customizable test schedules
•   Automated text message reminders sent to client
•   Automated retest cycle upon positive test
•   Email/text alerts sent to designated contacts upon violation
•   Automated overview reports — daily, weekly, monthly

•   Device stores test results when cell coverage is not available
•   Uploads results to the Monitoring Web Portal when device is back in coverage
•   Reconciles client test history when queued tests are received
•   Automated alerts sent to contacts when device is unreachable 

•   Several internal device sensors dedicated to tamper detection
•   Proprietary technology flags tests that are not consistent with human breath
•   Court validated tamper detection


•   Aftercare Treatment / Outpatient Programs
•   Licensed Professional Programs
•   Court Mandated Alcohol Monitoring
•   Family Law / Child Custody Monitoring

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Uses Bluetooth to send breath tests
through an iPhone or iPad.


 Uses a built-in cellular module to send
breath tests directly from the device.